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When I saw this picture I remembered Nigeria – place where you see teens and pre-teens hawking sachet water with pride to their peers in school bus. “Buy Pure Water!” This is the case in many developing countries where child abuse has become an admissible evil.

My number one question is this. What is the un-educated child likely to become? Let me frankly say that the educated child is going to learn while the uneducated child will not. Though when the uneducated child does menial jobs, he is going to earn some quick cash – good. The irony of it is that, the uneducated comes home with lots of cash which makes him as well as his “sponsor” so excited. As for the educated he comes home with books and bundles of home work as well as fat bills known as school fees for his sponsor. The latter with his education gets a good job and later establish a company of his own. He employs the un-educated to be his driver, gateman, office assistant, gardener or cook and pays him chicken feed. Why? Because he started with the last thing – earning comes last but learning comes first.

In life, never you jump a process. Learning comes before earning. You first learn something. Then based on your learning you start earning. Life is in stages. Those who skip a step meets it ahead.

An unschooled, un-clothed, unsheltered and un-fed child, has the likelihood to pick up popular negative street attitudes like disobedience, clubbing, drinking, stealing, hooliganism, robbery, vandalism, gangsterism, night-crawling, sexual misconduct and other social vices.

This is my next question. Who is responsible for this? Is it the government? Is it the parents or the innocent child? Surely we will always lay the blame at the feet of either or all of them. But beyond these institutions, you are the one responsible as much as I am too.

I was inspired last week when I spoke with a lady, just a little above 20 years old. She is still trying to secure admission to a Nigerian university though. I was marvelled as she unravelled her philanthropy. As a salary worker earning 30,000 per month, I found out that she took it upon herself to pay the school fees of some young secondary school students – even at the expense of her own personal pressing needs of accomodation. These people are not her relatives or sibllings. Again I say you and I are the reason some children are hungry, homeless and naked.

The last children’s day did you show love to children? Did you say yes? Okay. So after the children day what happened? You did well by visiting the orphanage. You did well by buying some food items and clothings as well as other materials to donate to foundations and charity organisations. But you do that once in a year. If every other people do it once in a year, what becomes of these future leaders? Out of 365 days in a year do you eat once in a year? Does it occur to you what many children die in different parts of the world for lack of what you throw around? Dont they deserve three square meals? Don’t they deserve good housing, good education and basic amenities as you do?

Showing love to our future leaders is a deliberate decision we must all make. Giving is not because you have. It’s a choice. We live to give and we give to live. We all know that givers never lack but do we give? But to grow giving we have to first grow love in our heart to young people. It is possible to give without loving but it’s impossible to love without giving. Love is a universal language that we should all speak regardless of our age, tribe, nationality, religion, exposure, social or marital status. Love in Nigeria is love in Bulgaria.We should speak love in words and acts.

Are there children around you in lack of basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter? What about children on your street, community, towns and cities. What about the little child who wears same tattered wears to church every sunday and sits next to your child dressed in sparkling Italian designers? You think it’s for your child to show off – no. You are to make amend. That’s why. If there is none in your street, what about the next street? There are school drop-outs around who needs to be encouraged. Make up your mind to do something today and make amend.

Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. children are the best gifts to our world. The future of any nation is equal to the strength of of her young people.

Children are the future. They are the best gifts from God. Let’s cherish them. If they are the BEST then lets give them the BEST. If the best deserves the best, then the young children deserve the best in terms of Food, Education, Infrastructure, Health, Technology and all basic needs of life.

We in D.C.C Foundation have the conviction that every child deserves the best care and together we can make a lot of difference. Visit our website on for more on how we are adding values to the lives of our future leaders.

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