Dependent Child Charity Foundation

Living in a world that is existing in troubled times, insurgency and their bombs rain all over the place, fighting everywhere, viruses are prepared to eliminate nations, economies are collapsing, hunger and drought, starvation, hate, fear and despair reign supreme in all nations.

This despicable situation unfortunately has had no boundary or exceptions. It is everywhere, the scars are all living with the entire world populace, but, regrettably, more prevalent in the African continent who as a result of under-development shares a larger percentage in these ungodly global misfortune. It is also on record that women and children are usually the worst victims of these perennial wars, conflict and poverty in our society.

Children are made emergency orphans, they suffer hunger, diseases, deprivations, health care, education and vulnerability. It is therefore on this note that we felt that we cannot continue to fold our hands and pretend as if this deadly and devilish predicament facing our children and their families all over the globe are not nauseating and horrifying enough, hence the establishment of Dependent child charity Foundation.

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