Dependent Child Charity Foundation

A sad fact of life is that, even in so many countries of abundance,there are still Children out there who go through life without the basic commodities,without knowing where their next meal will come from or even where they will sleep.Not only do they have to learn to survive physically,but they also have to live with the stigma of being home
Half the children on earth go to bed hungry — millions more have retarding and stunting protein deficiencies.

Hunger can permanently inhibit a child’s mental, emotional and physical growth. Kids who are hungry do poorly in school and are unlikely to grow into productive adults. For families, experiencing hunger means living in a world of isolation and shame. Caring citizens must put an end to this disgrace.

How do you feel when you are approached by child beggars standing barefoot on the hot and cold tar begging for money to eat just a meal?. Some of the children could not have been older than 4 years, yet they are out on the streets alone pleading for money and food.

Dependent Child charity foundation, found this unacceptable as we continued to witness scenes of poverty;sights of the children begging echos in us. These children living in under-served communities, desperately need better and more clothing, food,education and shelter. It is amazing that lots of people out there, could have so much, and these less privileged children, have so little or none’. We need to do something to help their desperate situations.

We must all work collectively, to make the world worthy of its children.

Dependent child charity foundation need your financial and material support,hoping that there is more understanding, more generosity, more genuine friendship, and more caring among people of all faiths and cultures.

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